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Think Construction Services has extensive experience in completing multi-family and commercial interior renovations that excel in quality and functionality. If you are a property owner looking to give your apartment community or condos a facelift, we offer complete interior remodels.

Because we have licensed and trained tradesmen, quality contractors and well-seasoned project managers on staff, every job we perform is handled in-house, allowing us to pay close attention to every aspect of your project. This also ensures that your interior renovation project will be executed in a timely manner with quality craftsmanship and superior customer service.

We have been in the industry since 1985 and have successfully managed the renovations of over 20,000 interior units across the Southeastern United States.

Our interior renovation program consists of 7 key elements:

  1. Onsite management & interface
  2. Pre-scheduled work
  3. Material inventory
  4. Use of special trucks/teams for quick turnover
  5. In-house manufacturing
  6. Turn-key system
  7. Delivery of finished quality products that maximize rental revenue

At Think Construction Services, we know that a well thought out and detailed plan is essential for any successful interior renovation, especially when it comes to multi-family complexes..


Whether you are a property owner looking to give your apartment complex a facelift, or the owner of a condo that could use a little rejuvenation, Think Construction Services offers complete interior remodels.


At Think Construction Services, we want to do everything in our power to make the lives of our clients as convenient as possible. That is why we offer MEP Services to our multi-family and commercial customers.


When Think Construction Services first began, our primary service was residential repiping for the residents of Tampa Bay and St Petersburg. We have since expanded our expertise to offer multifamily and commercial repiping services across the Southeastern United States


Our utility billing services department is designed and tailored specifically to meet your requirements. It’s fully integrated with  most of today’s leading Property Management Applications and each account is maintained utilizing secure billing system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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