1What is the normal duration for a complete unit renovation?

Standard size unit with new paint, flooring, light fixtures, new sinks & faucets, cabinet doors/drawers, granite counter tops, can be completed within 15 business days.

2How much involvement will the property management group have throughout the interior renovation process?

TCS will request for a property representative to pre-walk the unit and sign off on agreed scope. We then request a property representative to final walk the unit when complete to turn the unit back over to management. Management will receive schedule updates via email throughout the process and won’t have much involvement other than the pre-walk and final walk.

3How many days in advance are required for the unit pre-walks prior to starting the renovation process?

We request to pre-walk the units at a minimum for 30 days prior to the move-out date so we can order the materials and have them onsite when we start the unit.

This also allows the property manager to charge the resident for any damage that may have occurred during their lease.

4What happens in the event additional work is discovered during the renovation that was not previously agreed upon at time of pre-walk?

TCS will send an email to the property manager to include description of additional work along with pictures and cost for approval prior to proceeding with the repairs.

5Can your company handle high volume?

TCS has the ability to handle multiple, high volume projects. From small projects to 20 units a month, TCS has the ability to mobilize quickly, multiple material sources, and can begin to execute a schedule quickly.

6What sets Think Construction apart from other contractors?

Think Construction self performs all work with the exception of flooring, paint, & hard surface countertops. We control 100% of the process and outshine the competition with attention to detail and pride ourselves with our craftsmanship.

7What is the warranty for remodeled units and the process if such an issue arises?

Think Construction Services provides a 1 year warranty for our units against craftsmanship and defects. Appliances, flooring, countertops, fixtures, and hardware are covered minus normal wear and tear. Warranty is effective upon completion of unit. Warranty process is hassle free! TCS handles the warranty from start to finish with minimal action from management.

8How do we know how long the water & drain pipes in our walls will last?
Supply lines under constant pressure will fail sooner than pipes without such as drain lines. The materials that can be in the walls are- CPVC, PVC, Galvanized, Brass, Copper or Cast iron. The typical life span for Brass is 40-70 years, Copper 20-50 years, Galvanized Steel 20-50 years, Cast Iron 75-100 years, CPVC 20+, PVC 20+.
9What is the lifespan of split system equipment in apartments?

Typically the standard split A/C or Heat pump has a useful life of 12 years before the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the system.

10Can anything be done to extend the life of the cast iron drain lines in our building?

Generally if the pipe is in good shape and not at the point of mass failure it can be cleaned and lined with an epoxy based liner that will extend the pipe life 40+ years. It is also less intrusive than pipe replacement in the walls, floors & ceilings.