Thinking About MEP Projects?

At Think Construction Services, we want to do everything in our power to make the lives of our clients as convenient as possible. That is why we offer mechanical, electrical and plumbing services to commercial and industrial customers in the southern parts of the United States. We have a highly trained, talented and professional team on staff.

Our leading industry standards allows us to perform each element of your project with quality workmanship and unparalleled expertise. Since 1957, as Think Construction Services, we have been proudly serving the multifamily and Commercial/Industrial market meaning we have the years of experience to prove that we do an amazing job.

What does MEP Mean?

Very good question! MEP is an acronym that stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering. These three technical disciplines include the systems that make building interiors suitable for human living. MEP installations are put together due to the high degree of interaction between mechanical, electrical and plumbing. This also to avoids conflicts in equipment locations which is a common problem when electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems are designed in isolation. So if you need MEP meaning electrical services, mechanical services and plumbing services please think of Think Construction Services.

Commercial Mechanical Services

The mechanical component of MEP is typically a superset of HVAC services. Heating, cooling, ventilation and exhaustion are all key areas to consider in the mechanical planning of a building. In special cases, water cooling/heating, humidity control or air filtration may also be incorporated. Our HVAC services include boilers, water heaters, cooling towers, chillers VRV and VFR systems.

Commercial Electrical Services

Virtually all modern buildings integrate some form of AC mains electricity for powering domestic and everyday appliances. Lighting installations are the electrical system with the highest energy consumption in most buildings, and engineering consulting firms often suggest LED lighting for this reason. Think Construction Services has all that's needed to handle large electrical jobs under the MEP umbrella.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Just like mechanical and electrical installations, plumbing requires laying out complex piping routes, and MEP design software widely used by engineering firms to simplify the process. Competent design of plumbing systems is necessary to prevent conflicts with other trades, and to avoid expensive rework or surplus supplies. The scope of standard residential plumbing usually covers mains pressure potable water, heated water (in conjunction with mechanical and/or electrical engineers), sewerage, stormwater, natural gas, and sometimes rainwater collection and storage.

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing is just one of our many services. We plan on being number one in the multifamily construction industry.

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List Of Services We Provide:

  • Complete Major Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Projec
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • LED Upgrades
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Commercial Chillers, Cooling Towers, and Boilers
  • Electric Panel Changeouts
  • Washer and Dryer Connections
  • Repiping
  • Indoor Air-quality
  • HVAC, VRV, and VFR System Changeouts

Client Testimonials

Robbins property Associates

Robbins Property Associates

I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing a “Great Job” on the renovations to the Clubhouse, Dog Wash, and Cyber Café. They finished out beautifully. I also think it’s worth noting that Armando played a big role in getting things done in a timely fashion as well as his attention to detail. Thanks again!!

Bill F.

Project Manager
LivCor Logo


Your team’s support not only for Coregiving but for our business, our communities, and the development of our team members mean a lot. Think Construction isn’t a vendor; you’re an extension of LivCor and our vision.

Zach Bracken


JBG Design & Development

We want to emphasize that our commitment is to have this project 100% wrapped up by Thanksgiving, which falls on November 23rd this year. After discussions with Think Construction Services, it’s evident that there are no major obstacles that would hinder them from meeting this target.

Jeff D.

Senior Director

Florida Apartment Association (FAA)

Think Construction Services is the best! They helped us drive higher revenue through our condo units.

Florida Apartment Association (FAA)

Project Manager
Dominium Logo

Dominium Apartments

Thank you for the information. I do believe your company would be a good fit for us. I’m looking forward to your quote for the Genesis units.


Project Manager
Carroll Organization Logo

Carroll Org.

Thank you so much for reaching out! I have sent your information to my Director of Construction, so that he is aware that you have the ability to complete renos outside of the Orlando area. Your team definitely has my recommendation! Always a pleasure!

Carroll C.

Project Manager
BH Management Logo

BH Management

It looks amazing 😊

Veronica Velasquez

Community Manager
BAAA Bay Area Apartment Association

Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA)

I would recommend Think Construction Services for any project you might like to start with them.

Bay Area Apartment Association (BAAA)

Project Manager
Atlanta Apartment Association AAA Logo

Atlanta Apartment Association

Whether you are a property owner looking to give your apartment complex a facelift, or the owner of a condo that could use a little rejuvenation, Think Construction Services offers complete interior remodels.

Atlanta Apartment Association (AAA)

Project Manager
Apartment Association of Greater Orlando Members

Apartment Association of Greater Orlando

We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to get to know and serve you.

Apartment Association of Greater Orlando


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