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Water Saving Products And Procedures For Multifamily Buildings

In almost every type of commercial, educational, or office building, restrooms/bathrooms are the top areas of water consumption. This means that if you can find ways to reduce water use in restrooms, you can make a dent in your biggest area of water use. Here are a few ways to conserve restroom water without disturbing building residents or staff.


Tap aerators are of use especially with older taps which typically supply around 15 liters of water per minute. An aerator can help cut the water flow by less than half to 6 liters of water per minute. Aerators can be installed on 95% of taps and as per estimates, their use can save up to 1,274 liters of water in a month.

Low Flow Toilets

While not a small investment, low flow toilets can save tremendous amounts of water. If you’re in a multifamily complex or building that uses traditional toilets, using low-flow toilets can likely save you at least 20% of water use. With the installation of low-flow toilets, you save money, save the environment, and the dual flush option gives the user the right to choose.

Water Efficient Showerheads

For multifamily properties or office buildings with gymnasiums, showers are one of the biggest water users. The benefits of water-efficient showerheads are:

  • Decrease home water consumption by 40 percent or more
  • Save energy and lower annual heating costs
  • Significantly reduce your monthly water bill
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by using less energy

Smart Irrigation Controllers

Smart irrigation controllers are designed to help automate the process of saving water outdoors. They often have online control panels, automatically turn off irrigation when it rains, and make it easier for landscapers to precisely scheduled watering times. Adding managed irrigation services like Banyan Water offers can put an even finer point on a property’s irrigation water needs and deliver precisely the amount of water needed when it is needed. This increases water savings over a smart controller alone. Here is a list of benefits smart irrigation can help with conserving utilities.

  • Smart irrigation controllers help you reduce hardscape loss
  • Avoid fines with your smart irrigation controller
  • Enhanced landscape health and beauty

Rainfall Sensors & Shutoff Devices

If your property isn’t ready for a smart irrigation controller or managed service, a simple and inexpensive upgrade to your irrigation system is a rainfall sensor and shutoff device. These tools detect rain on your property and automatically turn off irrigation when it is raining or has rained recently.

Share The Knowledge

Share as much information with water users as you can. Saving water on your property means saving money on water bills and contributing to a more sustainable built environment. Visit www.thinkconstructionservices.com for additional information.