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Latest News On Multifamily Renovations, And More

June 10, 2021

Tips to Protect Your Multifamily Properties on the 4th of July

While there are many ways to protect yourself and your property when using fireworks, serious fires during Independence Day celebrations continue to rob people of their homes and cause costly losses.
September 21, 2023

Remote Work Takes Center Stage for Value-Enhancing Renovation Teams

Christina Steeg, who assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Waterton in July 2022, elaborates, "We are in the process of updating all our virtual floor plans to highlight unique alcoves and dens as potential work-from-home spaces. We are also capturing new virtual tours of our communal co-working areas to ensure we integrate this aspect into all our marketing efforts."
June 24, 2022
New HVAC Regulations In 2023

New HVAC Regulations Are Coming In 2023

Starting January 1, 2023, new HVAC regulations will come into effect and I'm sure you're wondering how this changes. These changes will increase the required minimum efficiencies for residential and commercial HVAC (packaged unitary rooftops, split systems, Mini-VRF, and mini-splits) equipment starting on January 1st, 2023
October 22, 2020
Green construction habits from your number one construction company

Make Green Renovations Pay

Water-saving improvements tend to quickly pay for themselves. Learn about green renovations in your multifamily building today.
August 4, 2023
Investing in Maintenance Training and Support for Multifamily Success

Elevating Multifamily Success Through Maintenance Training and Support

In the realm of multifamily housing, amidst the ever-shifting landscape, one steadfast factor remains the crucial role of maintenance teams in resident retention and lease conversions. The community's maintenance squad forms the heart of operational efficiency, not only within individual units but also spanning communal spaces and beyond.